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I trust that your CBD programme continues to provide relief. Thank you so much to those who write to us with your wonderful stories. It is this what keeps us doing what we do.

It has been a while since I messaged you so I thought I would provide an update as to what is happening in Australia with current legislation changes.

The latest legislation changes apply to the importation and use of ‘medical marijuana’. ie cannabis and cannabis oil.

Cannabis/cannabis oil is derived from the cannabis plant, it contains high amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannibidol). THC is what pot smokers seek to get high.

CBD however comes from industrial hemp. Both come from the same plant family (rubicaeae), but hemp is naturally low in THC and high in CBD.

CBD is currently listed as schedule 4 (prescription) and it is certified to contain less than 0.2% THC (virtually none) and THC (cannabis/cannabis oil) schedule 9 (hard drugs).
In the USA for marijuana to be considered strong enough to be ‘medical marijuana’ it needs to be over 20% THC, ie very very strong.

The new legislation yesterday concerns ‘medical marijuana’, ie THC based products. It does not concern CBD.

So what is THC oil/Medical Marijuana all about?:
THC oil (cannabis oil) has been shown to have a greatly beneficial effect when treating certain severe conditions, such as advanced cancers etc. While it has also been shown that a combination of CBD oil AND THC oil is more benficial than THC oil alone. So legislating for THC-only oil is missing the boat a bit. CBD oil in itself does miraculous things because it is not just CBD that is extracted from the hemp crop but over 80 different cannabinoids, plus turpenes, flavonoids and phyto-nutrients. The combination of all these provide what is called ‘the entourage effect’ where by taking the whole plant provides a much wider benefit than a fractionated component such as CBD or CBDa.

The problem with taking THC is that patients tend to walk around a bit whacked out, which is not what people want. It has been shown that THC taken by suppository reduces some of the THC effect. But taking THC without CBD is missing out on a lot of added benefit.

The government has opened the way for ‘approved companies’ to import bulk cannabis oil for storage at secure facilities (in accordance with the Governments ‘Guidelines for Storage of Medical Cannabis’)  for subsequent re-packaging and dispensing to those approved to obtain it via medical prescription for the treatment of approved medical conditions.

However CBD does not contain THC nor does it come from marijuana, and so it is not mentioned or included in the legislation. So CBD still languishes in bit of a grey area.
This is good in a way because it makes obtaining CBD a lot easier and a lot less risky than THC oil because it is not schedule 9.

Please note that we have all CBD products in stock and now have CBD Decarb in both oil form (dropper bottle) as well as paste (in tube).

Remember that CBD-Raw is CO2 extracted full plant hemp oil. CBD-Decarb is the same oil but it has been heated to cause what is called decarboxylation. Decarboxylation converts the CBDa (the acidic form of CBD) in CBD to CBD. Both Raw and Decarb do pretty much the same thing but the raw tends to have a slightly uplifting effect, and the Decarb a slightly calming effect. CBD-Raw contains approximately 8% CBDa and 12% CBD. CBD-Decarb contains 20.7% CBD

Handy Facts and Figures:
Using a dropper bottle (or a ‘grain of rice’ from the paste), you will get 25-30 drops/grains per ml. At 20.7% CBD, each drop/grain contains around 8.26mg of CBD.
Knowing this and your current dosage level, it easy to work out say how long a bottle will last, and exactly how much CBD you are taking.

This works out to around $1 per drop, and 12c per mg, so 3 drops a day is less than the cost of a takeaway cup of coffee (and much better for you 🙂

Dont forget that we offer a 5% discount for 2 or more units, to those who order through the web. Please use the discount coupon code “hemphappy” at checkout.
You can order here, Really Good CBD Oil,

Please do keep your sending us your comments and feedback. 

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Contact Us

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Please know that for legal reasons we cannot and do not make any claims about the benefits or usage of our Really Good Oil. To do so would be to contravene our current laws. We invite you to do your own research and find out if our hemp oil would be beneficial for you. If you follow the media you will see that our Australian government are softening as they hear and see more and more compelling evidence on the value of high CBD hemp oil from you, us and our rapidly growing family of hemp oil users worldwide.  Most other countries have different laws and different uses for hemp oil which you can find out about here www.communitybasedispensary.org . Please be advised that we can only provide our Really Good Oil for cosmetic and external use only. We cannot recommend it for human consumption.

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